Pistachio Pesto

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An all natural pistachio spread from Pantelleria, Italy.

Great for appetizers and pairs well with any tuna dish.

Kazzen was founded in 2004 by the D’Ancona brothers with the mission to develop and conserve the native capers and agriculture of their home, the island of Pantelleria. They use their family land to cultivate and produce their award-winning products. In 2005 they won their first flavor award with their Pesto Pantesco, and have continued to win awards and be recognized for their typical products. Still using only manual production methods, Kazzen is a small family company dedicated to preserving the traditional flavors of their island.

Net weight: 180 g/6.35 oz
Ingredients: pistachios, extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, salt

Customer Reviews

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Lydia Danos
This is instant gourmet meal

Used the pistachio pesto with the organic oven roasted tomatoes and chickpea pasta. I added cooked turkey tenderloin and minced black olives. Amazing flavors!!!! Omg - yum!!!!

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