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delectable pure honey

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Different & Delicous

We have a great selection of savory condiments, jams & spreads. Treat yourself to something extraordinary! Expand your imagination. Add to your sauces, top your sandwiches, use as a dip, a glaze, or everything you desire for amazing flavor.

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more than a preserve

Indulge in the best

Parish Avenue's selection of preserves are fused with unique and special flavors that deserve a space on your plate and palate....you'll keep coming back for more. Indulge in the best for your breakfast, make a dressing for you salads, use as a snack, add to your cheese boards, savor the flavors and enjoy!!!!

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We are pleased to introduce Guidroz Urban Homestead

Guidroz urban homestead

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Heavensent Gourmet Relishes

Tomato & Harissa or Aubergine Relishes are a must have for any dish

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Our Stars of the week!

Perche Ci Credo Tomato based sauces

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Now available

Fire Grounds Coffee Co

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Now Available

Forest Coffee Trading Co

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Solelnzi Oven Roasted Tomatoes

A Little Jar with a big burst of flavor

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From the Pantry

Wide selection of food and flavors for any meal

A Perfect combo of not too hot, not too sweet, but just right

Jumpin Jack's Candied Jalapeños

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quality ingredients
Craft your own cocktails with these refreshing mixers and garnishes
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after dinner treats
Sweet Pantry
End your meal with the best sweets that will fit any pairing.
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Let's take a break
It's Picnic Time
Grab a blanket, pack some favorites, and find a spot to have your gathering outdoors.
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So many ways to use Village Eatinghouse

A dressing that's not only for Salads

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The Perfect Pairing

Strawberry or Blueberry Strudel to start

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My Inspiration

Parish Avenue is passionate about food and helping people to discover how accessible, simple, and meaningful cooking can be. We are focused on distinctive flavors, flavor pairings, and food quality. We enjoy different tastes, combining foods and adding them to our own individual cooking styles.